Then why worry?

Every one of us will be having a reason to get worried every day. It is a natural emotion that every human faces. Sometimes a healthy worry for certain things is good as this increases our keen eye towards details. But, beware! If this worry is becoming too intense and too frequent, it becomes unhealthy worry! This makes our life more complex and miserable!

worryIt may happen many times that we cannot even identify the main cause of our worry.

Below may be some of the reasons of worry:

1.  Over perfection

2.  Having too many negative instincts

3.  Caring too much about something

4.  Feeling of insecurity

5.  Unaware of future

6.  Expecting too much from others

Now, do you find any solution for the above reasons? Yes! That’s great. Then why are you worrying about them!

You can’t do anything about them? Then why are you worrying?

Let’s find how to unpack our mind from all the unhealthy not worry stay positive

1.  Understanding that there will be no end for perfection

2.  Diverting our mind towards positive instincts.

3.  Converting our worry into a concern. (A concerned person will have a solution where as a worried person will not find a solution)

4.  Concentrating more about personal improvement than comparing with others.

5.  Thinking that our present is a boon!

6.  Lowering our expectations.

Let us unpack our mind from all the worries and be happy! Goodness is all around us. We just need to discover it!

Article by: 
Divya Shalini. M
L&D Associate, 
HR Footprints Management Services Pvt. Ltd. 


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