Want to develop your people? Here are the 7 tips to do it better!

Developing team members is one of the primary responsibilities of managers. Different managers do it in different ways. To develop your people more effectively, follow these tips:

1. Firstly, ask yourself – do you genuinely want to develop your people? Doing it as a compulsion of your job is unlikely to give you best results.

2. Have belief in your team members’ potential; More importantly, inculcate self-belief in them too; “Don’t you know even this much?” is a sure way of killing their confidence.

3. Take risks by assigning tasks that are beyond their immediate competence; they need to learn and discover themselves.

develop your people4. Be patient; they may not take off instantly.

5.  Correct their mistakes through discussion than review; correcting them without affecting their confidence is the key.

6.  Give credit for good work done – however small it is; it simply reinforces “I can do” attitude.

7.  Finally, remember that your success is when your team members succeed!

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Article by: Dr.Raj, 
CEO, HR Footprints Management Services Pvt.Ltd. 
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