we must talk about trust

We must talk about trust!

What is the meaning of trust? In recent times, I have been often hearing the statements such as “don’t trust even your shadow”, “you may believe many, but trust none”, “don’t trust easily, these are not the days for that”, and so on. So, we will talk about trust today.

Already, our throats are getting dried up due to shortage of water and scientists are checking on accessing potable water from Mars; besides shortage of water and many other things, how is the human life going to be if we fall short of trust in our society? Are we heading towards insecurity and fear in the days to come? Can we augment trust deficit with more security checks and surveillance? Or is there something that is deeper than that? What will be the impact of trust deficit on human relationships? on working cultures? on businesses? Is there something that we can do? Or do we allow it to erode?

We may not have answers for many of these questions. But, we need to talk about trust. Let it be a point of our conversation. We need to analyze it deeply. Analyzing trust is analyzing self. It will connect us with our true self.

Written by

Dr. Rajkumar, CEO, HR Footprints.

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