We go that extra mile and add value to your executive search process

Our Core Offerings

At its base level, executive search is simply about researching, reaching out and sourcing good profiles that suit the client requirement and connect both the parties. That is what we do as executive search!

However, over the past decade our experience, we realize that there are many places in the process where we can add value and enrich the service to the delight of both the clients and executives. That is what we offer – extra value add!

Personal Touch

Refining the JD and benchmarking with industry​

Our search begins only after we understand the business and expected role thoroughly. If need be, we do our own bit of research to see if the job descriptions or role expectations are in sync with the industry best practices. If there is a need, we add value by recommending to client any refinements in the job description. In our experience, we had seen in some instances, the whole discussion helping the client organization to bring about greater clarity in their organization structure! That is certainly a value add we cherish beyond just the search. Of course, at no extra consulting fee!

Engaging Career Dialogue

Engaging in career dialogue

When we scan the industry and spot talented executives who match the role requirements of our clients, we reach out and check their readiness for a career change. Here is another place where we go beyond just sourcing of resumes. We take personal interest in understanding the career aspirations of the potential candidates and assess if the proposed role caters to the same. If need be, we act as facilitators to bring a better matching of expectations – not simply from an instant job suitability, but more from a career management perspective. In our experience, we realized several senior level candidates doing a “career dialogue” with us in strict confidence. That is another value add that we cherish beyond simply sourcing of candidates.

Value Adding Tools

To strengthen the quality of your hiring process, we offer some additional tools. These are optional and you can pay as you use. Of course, you can choose which tools to use in your specific situations and we will customize them for you.

All these tools can be availed using online virtual modes and therefore convenient to reach out to any candidate irrespective of their location.

360-Degree feedback

A powerful tool that anonymously collects the feedback from diverse stakeholders and helps us to understand the specific executive leader (potential candidate) during the selection process. Isn’t a valuable source of insight to understand how people experience and perceive a person while working? We believe that this is much-needed information for senior level hiring.

Personality-profiling tests and report writing

We can help you with a more detailed and scientific profiling of the candidate. If client organizations use any of their standard tools, we help administer the same. In case, organizations want us to recom mend a suitable tool, we do that based on the specific aspects that are required for the given job.

Virtual Assessment Center (VAC)

Using a customized set of competencies: Putting the candidate through a battery of managerial/leadership tests offers very deep insights and preview of how the person is likely to approach the expected role. We design a customized Virtual Assessment process and administer using online modes. Post the assessments, we interpret and prepare a report on a set of competencies as required for the given role.

All these tools provide rich insights and information about the candidate and they certainly augment the personal interview process.

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