Who are you including in your inner-circle?

This question is relevant in general to everyone; and in particular, more relevant for a leader.

Why is it relevant to everyone?

You are influenced quite a bit by the people that you frequently interact with. Your thoughts, attitudes and general outlook will be shaped by the interactions that we have with those who are close to us. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the kind of people that we network with and entertain proximity.inner circle

Why is it more relevant to a leader?

As a leader, you will tend to provide greater access to those who are in your inner circle.  They enjoy greater freedom to express to you. You may in turn trust them more and delegate more. As the relationship further deepens with the inner circle, they may become your channel to communicate with those who are beyond the this circle. You will see the world based on the information provided by these people. 

In the process, those who are in the outer circle tend to feel distanced from you as a leader. They may wonder what are the criteria for inclusion in the inner circle.

Traps to Avoid

beware of yes menDepending upon the type of people that are included in the inner circle, tone can anticipate the likely effectiveness of the team as well as the leader.

Watch out those leaders who may take a liking to those who always say YES to them; who are obedient and submissive; or who are like the leaders; or who are not more competent than the leaders. While leaders may find it easy to manage such a circle, it will soon have its negative impact on the overall effectiveness of the leadership!

Watch out  – who are you including in your inner circle? 

Find more about inner circle from our previous blog What is wrong if a leader has inner circle? by Dr. Raj, published on 11th Mar’14.


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