We know that there are many providers of HR services and our potential clients do have a choice to choose from! However, we wish to present a few aspects of our approach, which explains why our clients may consider HR Footprints.


  • We bring more than 120 years of collective experience and ready access to our knowledge base.
  • We believe that HR is there for business and organizational success. Therefore, we focus more on understanding the business of our clients and aligning our services accordingly.
  • We understand that our clients require more than mere advice; therefore, we collaborate during the execution of any HR interventions also.
  • We know that internal HR teams have a wide array of responsibilities and therefore we act as an extended arm and support.
  • We take an integrated approach to HR services and therefore offer diverse expertise under one roof.
  • We understand how information technology can be leveraged in providing better HR solutions. Through our carefully chosen partners, we bring that edge to our HR offerings.

More importantly, we measure our success through our clients success!