We understand how hard pressed you are to cater to various demands of your stakeholders. As an HR leader, you know what needs to be done; but you might experience severe crunch on resources or pressure on your bandwidth.

Of course, for one-off assignments, you would not like to add resources. In this process, there is a possibility of attending to the “urgent & important” activities, while sometimes unable to attend to the “not-urgent but important” category.

We have understood this professional challenge of HR professionals and came up with the concept of Virtual HR Partner!

How does this work?

  • We will
  • understand complete details of your requirement over a call / skype
  • sign a confidentiality agreement and business agreement before execution
  • provide you a progress report on the deliverables periodically
  • submit you the first draft of the deliverables for your comments
  • make final modifications and submit to you for implementation
  • transfer the knowledge thru’ a call / skype to you for seamless implementation

How will it benefit you?

  • We support you in improving your productivity because we augment you as your back-end team
  • You can utilize our services on an assignment basis and you do not incur any permanent costs.
  • We bring in all the best practices and knowledge base that we built over the decade
  • We help you improve your execution quotient, because we design and you deliver!